Episode 10


Today’s lesson from the autistic world….

A love of routine, a limited imagination, a creature of habit.. Look up the signs and symptoms (I didn’t know it was an illness?) of autism and I can guarantee you those features will appear; the ‘classic traits’ of autism dear reader. Indeed LS would appear to display these features on a daily basis.

Is this such a bad thing though? I’m not so sure. Don’t we all need some structure, routine and balance in our lives? Things could be pretty chaotic otherwise, I would suggest. There is a need to rest; there is a need to work, there is a need to talk; there is a need to listen, there is a need to offer a helping hand; there is a need to gratefully receive a helping hand; for we all only survive if the equilibrium in our lives is in order.

Those folk inhabiting the autistic world just happen to shout a little louder about this innate human need, you see. LS reminds me on a very regular basis about how he survives and thrives with structure, routine and balance in his life. These three features are the key ingredients to fostering a sense of calm; a calmness that every human being seeks out from the cradle to the grave.

For look around us today my  friend and observe a world where political leaders come and go at the drop of a hat; regimes that have seemingly worked pretty well are thrown out; people with a vengeance seek revenge whatever the price …and what happens then? All the structure and routine that brought order and security to our lives comes crashing down knocking all balance off in its’ midst. Disharmony reigns.

I say fear not though dear reader, for all is not lost. For the voice of LS and his peers rises even higher in these unnerving times. That reassuring voice that invokes the very great need for balance and order and ultimately calm in all our lives.

Speak up LS et al; we need to  listen to you more often, for you are talking common sense my friend!


3 thoughts on “Episode 10

  1. Very true Grainne, we can all learn from all persons no matter how slow or whatever we label them. And yes, where would we be without a certain amount of order in our lives.


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