Episode 9

The autistic alternative for us all…

I don’t know how you might be feeling today dear reader if you reside in the United Kingdom, in light of the result of last week’s EU referendum? I for one feel shocked, dismayed and in complete darkness about what way the land now lies in this country. Voices have shouted from the ballot box from every walk of life and from every corner of the land. Most (but not all) pensioners have spoken and voted “for their country back”; the disenfranchised, politically-forgotten voice from the socially-deprived council estate has spoken out; the young person eager to attain qualifications in their chosen field and travel and work freely throughout Europe has spoken; parents keen for their children to have the best opportunities in life have also spoken.

And in his own unique way, LS has spoken…Moreover than ever I have turned to him this weekend for inspiration, asking him to shine his autistic prism into this dark political void the country now finds itself inhabiting. Show us, more than ever, the glorious traits of honesty, transparency, classlessness, equality for all and trust that make up your world LS. Let an embracement of these traits be the starting point for us all, but  most especially for those in public office. We must not let personal ambition ever be our starting point. The most silent, generally un-listened to voice of our autistic friend is talking more than ever to us today. Let us all find the time and humility to listen to them, and observe what their prism illuminates…


One thought on “Episode 9

  1. Interesting times. Reminds me of the time Jesus blesses the children and says theirs is the kingdom of heaven. A child like vision with no prejudice or hate. It makes you wonder what we sacrifice to become adults.? Where was the Catholic Church in this debate?


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