Episode 7

We are all connected, one way or another….

Have you ever tried explaining an industrial dispute by the Royal Mail to a child with autism? That was a recent challenge for me, just to keep me on my toes so to speak.

You see, LS has this penchant for taking a little fidget toy around with him in his daily life. He calls it his snake, I guess because with the right imagination it could pass for a snake in one’s eyes. It bends, it twists, it goes in the shower, it goes to school, it goes EVERYWHERE with LS. Further, it has a life expectancy, generally of about three months, by which time LS’ mother (me) is frantically ordering a new snake for LS from the jungle of Amazon, that houses a wide variety of the species. So there I was dear reader, purchasing a new snake for LS, safe in the knowledge (I assumed) that the reliable Royal Mail would keep their side of the bargain and ensure LS was in receipt of a replacement snake at the earliest opportunity.

Alas, it was not to be as planned…Issues around work contracts were more pressing to the Royal Mail employees than delivering a ‘snake’ to LS at this time. Fair enough, you may say..if it’s your livelihood that is being affected by some new management changes in your organisation, well you may well need to ensure your voice is being heard..you may well need to wade your way through the mass of greyness of negotiations, compromises and finally deals being struck (you hope) that will ‘keep’ all sides ‘happy’. However, in the land of autism there are generally speaking two distinct colours; black and white. Grey does not reside in this neck of the woods.

So for nearly two weeks we heard at home on a very regular basis from LS “the postman come today”; fact; no negotiation or compromise here. I had no answers for LS. I felt I was letting him down on behalf of all of us who reside in the ‘grey‘ neck of the woods. I knew that the snake would eventually slide our front door…and eventually it did. LS is delighted, satisfied and appears very content. The inhabitants of the grey world have reconnected with an inhabitant of the black and white world…for now at least.


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