Episode 3

It’s all relative my friends…

If you were to ask me (possibly over a gin and tonic? ice and a slice please), what keeps pushing me on each day; when sometimes “progress” can seem so “slow” with LS, because of his autistic mind, I would  say to you that it’s my daily use of the mantra:

“It’s all relative”.

I do not ever compare LS to anyone else..I gave up that habit many years ago, when I began to see that it was a very negative way to observe LS. Who decided there was a race anyway? Is there a prize for the child who can recite Chaucer’s, The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales (in Hebrew) by age  three and a half? I don’t think there is my friends….

Furthermore, adopting said mantra on relativity can bring many (perhaps on occasion, smug) smiles to my face. Personally, I get a real kick out of this (probably just my sense of humour…).

Hitherto lies an example (there are approximately seven hundred plus to date, to choose from) to help demonstrate my hypothesis:

A number of years ago, when I worked as a midwife on a delivery suite I wore hospital scrubs as my uniform. The top had short sleeves to help cut down on the risk of cross infection, etc. Hence, one’s bare arms were constantly on display to the wider world. Unfortunately this period of my career coincided with a very intense period in LS’s career; where his nails and teeth would came out after me for any slight misunderstanding. The subsequent scratches and bruises on my arms created an interesting mosaic for the onlooker. I became very good at talking to my colleagues about the bad mood of our fictitious cat, or the challenges one faces trimming the holly tree in the garden.

Over time LS’s communication skills slowly started to evolve though (with a lot of help from a lot of wonderful people). The size of my arm mosaics subsequently steadily started to diminish over time. I would now go to work smiling to myself, knowing I wouldn’t have to talk about the fictitious cat or holly tree (that was real) to my colleagues. I felt so happy with this progression (equally for LS and for me, to be honest). Like I say, it’s all relative…








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