Episode 2

Do we always say what we think??


LS does ..every time. I particularly love this trait of autism…this can be very funny, especially in social situations.

I am reminded of the time we as a family were attending church on a Christmas morning…There we were just reaching the most solemn part of the ceremony huddled away in a very large congregation. LS has for years now found such an environment very strange I figure…what’s with all the lit candles and no birthday cake?? What’s with all the constantly alternating standing, kneeling and sitting positions? Are these folk searching for something; they can appear quite unsettled at times…If you’re LS you’ll just sit on the seat and play with your fidget toy, observing from a distance. Your mum will tell you periodically that “you are doing great” and you’ll probably think ” ok so”.

However patience is a finite trait that dwells to some extent in all of us..LS being no exception…

So anyway, here we are now all kneeling in silence at this most solemn part of the ceremony. LS chooses not to; fine. He has in actual fact other things on his mind…for out of his lips in the highest volume he can attain, the entire congregation can here the utterance: “bye bye baby Jesus!!”. LS  looks around at the flock in his midst as he challenges them with his personal viewpoint. I as his mother certainly do not have the courage to look around at the same flock. Instead I think very quickly on the spot; a necessary trait to hone I have learned being mother to LS. I whisper in my husband’s ear frantically. LS is then rapidly escorted out of the church by his father, being enticed by “sweeties” from a corner store that I know will be open on Christmas morning. It is run by a very friendly Muslim family. Thank God..



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